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Browser compatibility

  • Chrome
    • The only browser which I have really tested.
  • Firefox
  • Internet explorer
    • Web sockets to other domains are by default not allowed. You need to add the website to the local intranet websites to make it work.
  • Safari
    • Errors missing

Apart from the use full functionality is the website also a test bed for new web technologies.

Nerd mode on

Technical background


  • Server written in Node.js which has very hight performance and had good deployment in the cloud
(frameworks express,, jake)
  • Type script is used generate the javascript. Type scripts makes the code more robust and increases the
  • Server architecture scales to multiple servers. The servers are deployed in the cloud using free services.
In total there are 4 servers.
  • data server which serves the data (html,css,javascript)
  • manager which functions as a dictionary where the rooms are
  • 2 room servers which manage each 3 rooms. This can scale to many servers which are spread over the internet. One room can only run on one server.

Web app

  • Html 5 features
    • websockets to your local driver
    • websockets to the server
    • app cache. Which makes it possible to use all the ergometer controls without internet connection.
    • Most data is stored in the local storage of the client which reduces the server load and ensures that private data is kept private
    • animation frames for efficient animation
    • inline interactive svg
    • html 5 canvas drawing
  • There is a 3d model for the animations. This will make it possible to later use real web 3d
  • NTP time synchronization

Data server

  • Written in C++ and build on top of boost.
  • All code should be portable to other systems including embedded systems
  • The data server is a web socket server which can server multiple ergometers. Multiple clients can also connect to one ergometer
  • ergometer scores are protected by a hash which is checked on the server. This way you can not tamper with the scores.
  • You can write javascript/typescript plugins (). The editor knows the structure of the application and the libraries can can provide syntax checks and code completion.

Writing plugins:

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